Cricket Batting Tips for Beginners: 100% Proven

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Step up your game with these essential cricket batting tips for beginners. Proven methods to refine your batting technique and improve your scores. Batting and bowling are two things on which the entire cricket field depends. But batting is the most important out of the two because a good batsman can turn the dice of a match.

Watching batting seems like a simple and easy process, but becoming a match-winning batsman requires a lot of technique learning and hard work.

Grip and stance make a huge difference for a great batsman. Also, when you are up-batting, you need to check the bowler’s delivery; if he is fast-bowling, every ball from a different angle, and if the bowler is spin, then every swing, you need to test his every spin delivery. Spin delivery needs to be tested separately.

Improving your batting stance and reading each delivery of every ball of every bowler differently can make you a better batsman. We will share some techniques and methods for becoming a good batsman.

Step By Step Cricket Batting Tips

Cricket Batting Tips for Beginners 100% Proven

Method # 1: Getting into Position

First, we show you how to hold the bat; you must hold the bat firmly with both hands. The handle should keep the bed with both hands, and you should ensure that your control over the bed with your hands is accurate and maximum.

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Method # 2: Have the right grip and stance.

Undoubtedly, many types of stances are used in today’s cricket. However, the side-on stance is the most popular and widely used. But it naturally also depends on whether you are a right-handed batsman or a left-handed batsman.

A batsman’s stance determines whether he plays defensively or offensively, but the bowler who bowls him is more important. If the bowler is fast, you need to use better technique, but if the bowler comes with spin and swing delivery, you need to improve your batting more.

A strong grip on the bat and the pitch is an important factor that can improve your batting skills and success rate.

Method # 3: Understand the bowler to hit the ball.

When batting, never try to look at each bowler from one angle. If the bowler who bowls you is a fast bowler, you must sharpen your shorts and mindset.

A fast bowler also uses different deliveries; sometimes, he bowls a slower one in the middle, and sometimes, he bowls above 140 km, so you have to adjust yourself by realizing these two situations. So, in such a situation, you must better prepare yourself to use your best technique and strategy to play a perfect short.

Method # 4: Keep your focus on the ball.

A good batsman always keeps an eye on the bowler’s finger because close attention to the ball gives a batsman better judgment to play short.
When a fast or spin bowler bowls, you judge your shot by what short you have played.

Method # 5: Back Lift the bat at the correct position.

Bat position always plays an important role when trying to short the ball. Getting your bat position right is very important. The bed should not be pointed downward or straight when retracting before hitting the ball. Instead, hold your bat at a certain angle when you hit the ball so that the play position is straight.

Method # 6: Watch matches to learn more.

To become a good batsman, you must repeatedly watch the batting techniques and videos of successful batsmen. It would be best if you were a fast and spin-quality bowler to be a good bowler.

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Watching famous and experienced batsmen play, you can figure out which part of your batting to improve. You will also learn how a great batsman plays according to the situation of the match, dealing with various bowling techniques and how to take the game towards the finishing point.

For more techniques to improve your batting skills and how to be a good batsman, click here.

Make running and exercising a habit

Running and taking other exercise sessions daily is a routine that will improve your batting game because batting is not easy, and when you are on the field, your mind and body are not relaxed. This thing will become habituated to bear only if you make it a habit to practice daily.

Exercising and running will improve your core strength and agility; thus, you can perform better while batting in cricket.

Cricket Batting Shots Tips

● First, get a bowler to start bowling you normally.
● You have tested this bowler’s balls first and must stop it.
● Improve your grip on the bat and improve your stance.
● If the bowler is fast, move the bat forward and call the bowler’s ball from the front.
● If the bowler has a spin, you have to wait for the ball till the last over and then go out to play the ball.
● It would help if you did not try to hit sixes from the first day but learned to control the ball and bat.
● Once you learn to block any bowler’s ball, then you will be able to understand the game by selecting each ball as short as you like.

Keep practicing and patience while learning

According to cricket experts, the best quality of a good batsman is to stand on the wicket and be patient, and he continues to learn every time and every moment.

You can’t become a good batsman in a day or a few days; you need constant hard work and dedication to improve your cricket batting skills by constantly learning from experienced batsmen.

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Free Cricket Batting Tips

You have to master these principles to improve your batting constantly:

  1. Develop a Solid Stance and Grip
  2. Focus on Footwear and Balance
  3. Master the Basic Shots
  4. Improve Bat Speed and Timing
  5. Develop a Strong Mental Game
  6. Practice Against Varied Bowling
  7. Work on Timing and Shot Placement
  8. Enhance Physical Fitness


How can I improve my batting by myself?

First of all, learn to stop the ball with a bat. Don’t try to hit long sixes from the first day, as you may fail continuously. If you learn to stop the ball with a bat, you will find it easy to play all short styles in the coming times.

How can I improve my cricket batting stance?

Stance is very important in cricket; you will be a good batsman if your stance is good. To maintain a perfect posture, raise your back slightly and feel that you are putting very little weight on the o bat, neither leaning forward too much nor too far back.

When you are at the crease, if you feel that the bowler is such that you should leave the crease or step out, you can easily leave the crease and pick the ball.

How do you bat aggressively?

You need to play aggressively when you need a higher score on very few balls. You try to hit every ball for a six. You may have to play by taking two steps out.

Or you can keep one leg inside the crease and step the other slightly out. This will open your hips so they can rotate through the swing and go up for sweeps and aggressive shorts.

How can I increase my stamina for batting?

Endurance is a very important factor in cricket, and to improve it is often an exercise that requires running cycling, and aerobic exercises. These exercises improve your overall endurance and are essential to excel in cricket.